Enigma encryption-machine (Photo by Mauro Sbicego on Unsplash)

In my previous article entitled “The early days of encryption using Python — Caesar’s cipher (Part 1) ” (https://medium.com/nerd-for-tech/the-early-days-of-encryption-using-python-caesars-cipher-1-602201f44fda), I talked about Caesar’s Cipher and I implemented it using Python, the Encryption and The Decryption as well. This article will talk about another early-days of encryption, named Polybius square which uses Polyalphabetic cipher. As written on the first article, early-days of encryption is the beginning of encryption and a simple one which nowadays is not used anymore or rare to use in professional encryption. …

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Encryption is a popular term and used widely in Information Technology. Encryption is a method of protecting data from people you don’t want to access it [1]. The protected data can be chat, e-mail, file and database. In chat, a Chat Messenger have to apply encryption for protecting chat from read by people who don’t have right to read the chat by intercepting chat in the middle of chat tunnel communication system.It also to protect user privacy and security in chatting to make the user comfortable to use the chat messenger. …

On the previous semester, i taught a class named “Teknologi Informasi” in my campus. On the beginning session or meeting until session of 6th, i taught Introduction of Information Technology and the rest sessions for Basic programming and Data Management with Python. The class has 16 sessions including mid-semester examination on session of 8th and final-semester examination on the last session or session of 16th.

In Python sessions, i chose Spyder as Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and i requested my students to use it too. There are a few of students could not install Spyder using online Python editor. …

Akhmad Sofwan

I am a Software Engineer and a computer science lecturer. I am interested in Software Development,Machine Learning, Data Mining and Spatial Data.

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